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Whether you are a victim of identity theft, have a credit report dispute, or have been harassed by debt collectors, one thing is certain, your stressful situation is playing havoc with your life.


At Hammoud Law, PC, our only concern is protecting your rights, rectifying your situation & giving you back your peace of mind. From our first consultation, until your legal matter is settled, we will be there every step of the way!



Our law firm specializes in consumer protection law and has a strong track record of success in this area.


Our firm has years of experience representing clients in consumer protection cases across the country and against the largest credit reporting agencies, bank and debt collectors.

Reputation/Client Satisfaction

Our firm has a positive reputation within the legal community and among past clients.

Personal connection
Our team is able to establish rapport and build trust with potential clients, making them feel comfortable and confident in our ability to handle their case.
Personalized attention

Our firm takes a personalized approach to each case, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals.

Success rate

Our firm has a high success rate in obtaining favorable results for clients, which can give potential clients confidence in our ability to achieve a favorable outcome for them.

We rely on fee-shifting provisions of the different consumer protection statutes which means no out of pocket costs from the client.
Free consultations

Our firm offers free consultations to potential clients, making it easy for them to learn more about their options without any upfront cost.

Practice Areas

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Credit Report Problems

Do you have errors on your credit report? We Can Help!

Identity Theft

Are you a victim of identity theft? We Can Help!

Background Check Issues

Were you denied employment, housing, or credit because of errors made in your background check? We Can Help!

Unlawful Debt Collection

Are you being harassed, threatened, or abused by debt collectors? We Can Help!

Debt Settlement & Negotiation

Do you want to settle or negotiate a new payment for your debt? We Can Help!

What our Clients Say


If there is a million stars instead of 5 stars, Youssef will get a million stars from me! During the past 10 months, I was very depressed, and I had gained 30 pounds due to my debt problem, Youssef was there for me, and he turned it around 360 degrees! Now my debt is gone. No more calls from creditors. My financial situation is the best it’s ever been!
Raphael, 5 Stars


When Youssef took over, there were immediate results. He was very personable and communicative about updates. I would highly recommend him!
Brooke, 5 Stars

Simply AMAZING top notch service!

Youssef is simply an amazing human that truly cares and a true professional! He was attentive to all of my concerns and treated my case with the most care and respect. He fought hard for me and stood up for me during my case. I will always be appreciative of how fast and prompt Youssef was during the entire process. Never too busy to take my calls or answer any questions through email! He gave me one on one service as I needed. Thanks again Youssef and always right on for the little man!!!
Anonymous, 5-Stars

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