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Background Check Issues

Were you denied employment, housing, or credit because of errors made in your background check? We Can Help!

Most employers use background checks and other pre-employment screenings during the hiring process. Once you have a job offer, you generally have to wait for the background check results before you can start. Most people do not anticipate that their background check will have errors. Sadly, mistakes on background checks are common and can keep you from getting a job, cause you to be denied credit or housing.

If your background check has errors, you have the right to dispute those errors with the background check company or the employment reporting agency that provided them.

3 Most Common Background Check Errors

Incorrect Criminal Record on a background check
Outdated Information that should no longer be reported on a background check
Mistaken Identity, the criminal record of someone else is on your background check

Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA

You must be notified if a background check or employment report has been used against you.
You are entitled to a copy of your background check.
You have the right to dispute any errors on your background check.
Mistakes on your background check must be corrected or removed within 30 days of your dispute.
Employers or potential employers must have written consent from you to run a background check.
You may sue background check companies and consumer reporting agencies that violate the FCRA.
If your background check is inaccurate and it has cost you a job, you may be entitled to damages. We can help.

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