Debt Settlement and Negotiation

Do you want to settle or negotiate a new payment for your debt? We Can Help!

Falling behind on payments happens to millions of Americans each year. The idea of possibly losing your house, having your credit be affected, or even filing for bankruptcy can be scary. Sometimes Bankruptcy is just not an option that you have. In these situations, the best option is settling the debt or negotiating a better payment with your creditors or debt collectors. You can reach out to the creditors yourself, but it is better to have an experienced attorney to do the negotiation on your behalf.

At Hammoud Law, we will reach out to each of your creditors individually. We will negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. and help you take charge of your debt.

Some positives of debt settlement or negotiation include:


Can help avoid a lawsuit


Get a payment plan that you can afford


Make the debt disappear with a lump-sum payment or a structured repayment plan


Get rid of the stress of financial difficulties

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